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Imagine Cup

Post by maggiore » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:53 am

Dear all, especially GameLab students, I gathered here a bit of essential information about the Imagine Cup. I will follow Imagine Cup projects this year, so if you and your GameLab team are interested contact me quickly.
What is this:
- the Imagine Cup, a worldwide competition with local Dutch finals, interesting prizes, and great marketing and visibility
- a possible application of GameLab games, especially for 3rd year students

Prizes and goodies:
- support from Microsoft NL *may* come in the form of tablets, phones, and other testing devices; unknown at the time of writing
- local prizes if Dutch finals are organized (and won)
- trip to finals location
- 50K USD, 10K USD, 5K USD per team for worldwide finals winner, second, and third

- must be a Windows, Windows Phone, or Windows RT game
- must use Visual Studio in addition to other technologies

- round 1, 10/09/2013 through 30/04/2014; if no local Dutch finals, then the online finals will be 01/12/2013 through 15/03/2013
- round 2, 01/05/2014 through 31/05/2014
- round 3, July 2014 (world finals)

Judging criteria:
- Does the game have a clear target market or audience? Does the game present a clear and attractive concept of who you are, what you are doing, and why you

are doing it? Is the game’s core gameplay understandable and appealing? 15%
- Is the game exciting to play? Is there good player feedback? Is the game appropriately challenging? Does the player want to keep coming back for more?

Does the game deliver appealing innovation in gameplay, storytelling, art direction, or other areas? 50%
- Is the game easy to learn and use? Does it have good usability features such as player help, tutorials, and game pause? Does the game have a professional

degree of production in terms of user interface, art, music, and sound? Does the game perform well and respond crisply to input? Does the game make

effective and appropriate use of the major features of its chosen platform(s)? Were there significant platform features or even platforms the project could

have benefitted from but failed to utilize? 20%
- Does the team have a credible plan for getting their game to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships or licenses, or other factors?

Does the team have any form of external validation for their game such as customer surveys, focus group tests, an active beta-test program, recommendations

from subject- matter experts, or potential investors? Does the game have a reasonable chance of success in its appropriate market given the team’s existing plan? 15%

- this year there seems to be no theme, besides the judging criteria listed above

- contact me and let's get you cleared with your GameLab supervisors
- register your team (of up to four) on

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