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Help with nurbs wanted

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 2:46 pm
by 140859
Hi, nice to meet you~

My name is Raichi and I'm from 1VA.
Regarding the nurbs car assignment I would like to ask visual artists with some more experience in that area for help.
I will be attending all the nurbsparties at school, but since I feel those might not be enough for me I would like to have some more help on the side. (I can't just hog up all of the teachers/helpers time when so many other students also need help)

What I have in mind is simple = adding those willing to help me to skype, so that I can ask for help whenever I bump into a difficult problem.

Will you help me please?

My skype name name is mentioned in my profile, or you could PM me yours then I'll add you instead 8-)

Thanks for reading!