GRP1 grades 2013

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GRP1 grades 2013

Post by bikker » Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:53 am

Hi guys,

It took a while due to my Unity visit, but I finally have your grades. Here they are, in no particular order (actually, that's a lie):

Code: Select all

 Volume in drive D is 1TB
 Volume Serial Number is 5858-05E1

 Directory of D:\GRP1

[100589 - Basics, but well implemented, and especially well reported - 7]
[101516 - Slow but working Whitted-style tracer - 7]
[110747 - Broken in many places, esp. multiple lights, reflection, refraction - 4]
[111514 - Almost there, but a working BVH is mandatory - 5]
[111877 - CUDA path tracer, tricky, since BVH was disabled but functional - 10]
[120013 - Hm, octree instead of BVH - Good performance though - 7]
[120104 - Fast CPU path tracer, great BVH, tons of features - 10]
[120116 - Extremely fast CPU ray tracer, tons of features, complex scenes - 10]
[120186 - Slow but functional CPU ray tracer - 7]
[120321 - Quite fast and complete ray tracer, good SAH BVH - 8]
[120343 - Very fast CPU ray tracer, complex models, SAH BVH - 8]
[120488 - Amazing work, very complete, awesome pictures - 10]
[120499 - Fast and complete CPU tracer - 8]
[120527 - Incredible path tracer, SAH BVH, SSS, many other features - 10]
[120660 - Excellent ray tracer, good BVH, complete feature set - 9]
[120677 - Looks really good, path tracer, fast - 10 - BOOK1 FASTEST RAY TRACER]
[120708 - Excellent ray tracer, good BVH - 8]
[120912 - Fantastic CPU ray tracer, awesome images, large scenes - 10]
[121068 - Fantastic CPU path tracer, tons of additional features - 10]
[121176 - Amazing.. MBVH, packets, postproc, high speed - 10]
[121344 - Minimal but functional ray tracer - 6]
[121356 - Nice little ray tracer, not too fast but complete, nice scene - 8]
[121621 - Quite fast CPU ray tracer, cool screenshots - 8]
[121649 - Another great CPU ray tracer, very fast, complex scenes - 9]
[121690 - Slow but complete ray tracer with BVH - 7]
[122675 - Amazing CPU path tracer, totally complete and overdone - 10 - BOOK2 MOST ADVANCED]
[122828 - Very basic but most stuff is there - Light transport is fishy - 6]
               1 File(s)              0 bytes
              32 Dir(s)   8,278,335,488 bytes free
What you see there is my really brief notes on your assignment; if you want more feedback please scheduel a brief appointment.

Three grades are missing; I need to talk to these gentlemen first, they will receive an e-mail shortly.

Then there is another issue: the sheer awesomeness of your work. As you see, I awarded a ton of 'perfect grades', and they are perfectly deserved. A ray tracer was mandatory; a lot of people did path tracers, and sometimes the ray tracers where so awesome that I awarded a 10 anyway. I saw MBVHs (BVHs with four child nodes, very good for divergent rays) (by Ted de Munnik), extremely fast ray tracers, subsurface scattering, post processing, diffraction and a ton of other things that I never expected. Also the pass rate is insane, and that's not because I have been easy on you. So congratulations, you are my best class ever for this course. Really. I sincerely hope some of you will continue to work in this area, there are some incredible talents in this class.

That also made it very hard to award the books that I promised. I hope I have been fair; one book has been awarded for a totally real-time ray tracer for indoor scenes, the other one for the silly good ray tracer by Tom Veltmeijer, which had Rick van Meer close on his heels. The third book (prettiest image) will be awarded once I have the votes on (see other thread).

I'm looking forward to seeing you in GRP2 on Wednesday!

- Jacco.

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