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  1. Hi!

    I’m Kevin and i’m doing a school project about game programming. I only got stuck on a certain piece about AAA and Indie game programming because there isn’t much to find about that on the internet. My question is if you can tell me something more about AAA – and Indie game programming?

    Kind regards,
    Kevin v. Loon

    1. Keven,

      If a game is considered “AAA” (pronounced “triple-A”) then it is usually considered:

      1. Backed by a large producer (Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, EA)
      2. Large budget (> $1M)
      3. Many developers
      4. Targeting multiple platforms (XBox, PlayStation, PC)
      5. Reaching a large audience (usually targeting the largest audience possible for the target platforms)
      6. Programmer usually works with C++ as a programming language
      7. Programmer must be able to work with large complex systems
      8. Programmer usually works with a custom game engine technology developed in-house for that specific title

      An “indie” (short for “independent” development) game is usually considered:

      1. Usually not backed by a producer
      2. Small or moderate budget ($0 – $100K)
      3. Few developers
      4. Targeting mobile or PC only platforms
      5. Reaching a niche market (usually a specific target group)
      6. Programmer may work more with scripting languages (like C#, Lua, Python, or JavaScript)
      7. Programmer usually works on simpler, more well-defined systems
      8. Programmer usually works with “off the shelf” game engines like Unity, GoDot, or Unreal

      Although these definitions are not concrete and there is some debate about what is a “AAA” game and what is an “indie” game, these points should give you a good start on the differences between these types of games.

      If you are interested in learning more about game programming, consider the Games programme at Breda University: Creative Media and Games Technology.



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